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Quality is very important to all of us here at Viyada Enterprise. We go to great lengths to make sure the honey you ask and pay for is of the highest grade. Our company is hard at work ensuring that honey leaving the factory is natural, presentable and trustworthy.

With more than 20 years of beekeeping experience, Mr. David Vivinyo, owner and founder of Viyada Enterprise is dedicated to improving the industry. Due to his tireless efforts, Nkwanta district beekeeping has seen enormous positive change in beekeeping practices and honey quality.

Viyada Honey comes with FDA certification

Viyada Enterprise has a strict quality control over all honey that enters our honey processing center. FDA approved, our honey can be trusted to meet our customers satisfaction.

Viyada Beekeeping School Ghana

Growth of beekeeping in West Africa is an important objective of Viyada Enterprise. To facilitate this goal our company  collaborates with Extra Mile West Africa (a rural development NGO) to bring modern beekeeping training capability to local, national and international beneficiaries. Our comprehensive training program includes both practical and theory instruction in hive management, honey and beeswax processing and all steps related to modern “Langstroth” beekeeping technologies. In 2019 our company opened a “Beekeeping School” for the purpose of serving the beneficiaries of this program better. 

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Viyada Ent.

Mr. David Vivinyo


Viyada Enterprise

P.O Box 69  Nkwanta


Meet our training staff Extra Mile West Africa is a rural development NGO based in Nkwanta. Our relationship with EMWA has played an important role in the success of Viyada Ent.


Viyada Enterprise is also a member of the “Nkwanta Beekeepers Association”. For more details on NBA and its functions. Please follow link.